Coalitions for Systemic Change

We believe that the dual model of lifting up other groups and engaging in pinpointed, state-level systemic change is critical to Vermont’s climate crisis approach and to folding in voices and perspectives that have been pushed to the margins. We convene and participate in coalitions that target key mechanisms to impact cultural and structural changes that move the social justice dial in the nonprofit, policy, and philanthropy sectors. In tandem, we work to build alternatives to dominant systems by cultivating grassroots mutual aid networks. Examples of the coalition work we engage include:

  • Seeding Power Vermont: This a collective of multi-racial organizers working on systemic changes that center BIPOC self-determination and healing relationships with land and between people. Since Fall 2020, this team has been collaborating on crafting and advocating for the VT BIPOC-led Land Access Opportunity Act, which was integrated in part to the housing bill (S.226) and passed in 2022.

  • Anti-Oppression & Climate Justice Mutual Aid Network: Guided by cosmologies of care, we ask the question: “How can we contribute to building strategy and cohesion in the climate movement?” The social fabric is an essential ingredient that we are in deep relationship with through organizing networks that center safety, care, anti-racism, anti-oppression, building skills, and culture change.