Will you put your resources to work for Climate Refuge in Vermont?

We are looking to raise $250,000 annually to carry an integrated infrastructure to power a Climate Justice Movement. Join us in redistributing resources to frontline communities, rural organizers and land-based activists.

Learn more about our current financial goals and How we redistribute resources

Non-hierarchical decision-making is important to us, and as such, we want to invite you to choose how your donation will be used within three buckets (see below). When making a donation, you can specify which bucket/s you would like your donation to go into, and please feel free to drop us a note if you have any ideas or connections you want to share.

Bucket #1: Community Wellness Gifts

Raise Goal: $15,000

$150-$250 for each organizer in wellness services

Develop statewide network of service providers and make vouchers available to 100+ community organizers and caregivers annually.

Bucket #2: Grassroots Organizers

Raise Goal: $100,000

$16,750 / Organizer

Create compensation structure for community-based organizers through monthly stipends & benefits. We hope to support up to 10 organizers annually.