Will you put your resources to work for Climate Refuge in Vermont?

Community Resilience Organizations is raising $250,000 annually to facilitate integrated infrastructure to power a Climate Justice Movement. Join us in redistributing resources to frontline communities, rural organizers and land-based activists.

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Ways to support Community Resilience Organizations

Coalition Facilitation & Support

Annual Goal: $40,000

This fund will be used to engage in network and coalition activities to further climate justice in Vermont. CROs provides administrative support and continuity to collective endeavors for change

$100 will provide facilitation and administrative support for monthly Coalition Meetings

Grassroots Organizers

Annual Goal: $70,000 or $17,000 / Organizer

Create compensation structure for community-based organizers through monthly stipends & benefits. We hope to support up to 4 organizers annually.

$250 pays for one week of work for an organizer

Emergent Needs & Welcoming Spaces

Annual Goal: $10,000

This fund will be used to provide community-identified resources including: disaster relief, safe housing, land stewardship, skill sharing, facilitation, conflict transformation and mediation and others. We plan to support these needs with gifts ranging from $500-$5,000 per organization or group.

$50 will will contribute to mutual aid coordination

Community Wellness Gifting Program 

Annual Goal: $15,000

Develop statewide network of service providers and make vouchers available to 100+ community organizers and caregivers annually.

$150 provides one wellness service for a local organizer

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Checks can be sent to

Community Resilience Organizations, P.O. Box 1002, Montpelier, VT 05602

We also welcome in-kind donations to our events, wellness program, coalitions and mutual aid coordination. Your donations are tax-deductible. Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated!

Learn more in CROs 2023 Annual Report