Who We Are

Community Resilience Organizations is on the leading edge of what is possible when we come together to create a Vermont-based, grassroots climate justice movement. We are joined in this work by independent groups and activists committed to anti-oppression and anti-racism. Together, we convene diverse coalitions to build alternative, equitable systems that protect people and the planet. 

We want to ensure that the doers, dreamers, and caregivers in our communities are not constrained by a lack of funding and access to the nonprofit sector. CROs finds creative ways to support the transformative work of our community members.

Grassroots Organizing Hub

Conscious Homestead

CHF is a BIPOC Urban Farm and Wholeness Retreat in Winooski, Vermont. Conscious Homestead is committed to co-creating a space that is rooted in healing our ancestral connection to the land while centering BIPOC wholeness and liberation. With community support this magicFULL space is available as a retreat dedicated to rest, nourishment, and empowerment of BIPOC. Their offerings are done in collaboration with local BIPOC Community members. The Conscious Homestead Fund will expand capacity to raise and direct funds towards community care, mutual aid, and affordable offerings at the homestead. Additionally, our team participates in Conscious Homestead programming. Learn more at Conscious Homestead Fund

Radical Imagination

RI was established in 2020 to create space for Black, Indigenous and artists of Color to commune with one another and the land. Radical Imagination’s current operations include: and arts residency; creating land access in collaboration with the Northease Farmers of Color Land Trust; and hosting events focused on liberation and joy. The group is led by a trio of international Black and Brown women artists based in Vermont. CROs provides administrative and technical support to Radical Imagination. Learn more at Radical Imagination

Environmental Justice Network (VT-EJ) 

VT-EJN will bridge overburdened community members with decision-makers at the state and local level, fostering relationships and creating continuity between communities and government, increasing accessibility of information and resources, and supporting context-sensitive communication. The VT-EJ Network will strategically build on work addressing local environmental and public health issues and develop alliances between grassroots groups in a horizontal structure. This networked approach will allow us to engage communities in setting priorities and establishing practices for building consensus and alignment. These practices will contribute to community resilience, as well as inform our agency allies. Long term, the Network strengthens communities' ability to equitably distribute environmental burdens and benefits. Learn more at Environmental Justice Network (VT-EJ)

Dandelion Housing Project

DHP is solving the housing crisis in Vermont by building affordable, energy-efficient tiny homes for sustainable living. We prioritize building homes for BIPOC, queer, transgender, flood-impacted, and otherwise marginalized home-seekers. We are a queer and gender-diverse worker cooperative committed to paying a fair wage to our builders and co-creating a joyful workplace. Learn more about our work here: https://www.mountainsongexpeditions.com/dandelion-tiny-houses

Regeneration Corps

RC is a learning collaboration that connects youth with hands-on regenerative agriculture skills-building opportunities while earning school credit through Flexible Pathways and project-based learning programs. Through a Just Transition framework, we teach the intersections of Regenerative Agriculture, Climate Change Resilience, and Racial & Social Justice.

Our mission is to empower youth with the knowledge to adapt and respond to climate change and its constituent impacts, while building community resilience and strengthening local food systems. Learn more at Regeneration Corps

Yoga Equity Project Burlington

Burlington YEP seeks to extend the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to the global majority (people who identify as Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and/or have been racialize as ethnic minorities). The BYEP radically breaks the barriers to access wellness spaces for the benefit of our whole community. Through its core offering of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) Affinity Space classes through Laughing River Yoga Studio in Burlington, VT, BYEP provides the greater Chittenden County BIPOC community a safe space to come together for wellness and healing. The BYEP seeks to remove these barriers by providing BIPOC Affinity Space classes and offering financial stipends to members of the BIPOC community. Learn more at Burlington Yoga Equity Project.

Yoga Equity Project Middlebury

Middlebury YEP exists to provide access to healing spaces for People of the Global Majority. We create teaching opportunities for BIPOC teachers (especially Black femmes and queer folks), and we pay students to attend classes. Our motto is “Everyone Deserves to Relax” and our guiding principles are Radical Barrier Removal and Wealth Redistribution. We recognize that yoga is a cultural product of India, with many global cross-pollinations, and we seek to offer these teachings in the most respectful, joyous, and non-appropriative ways possible. We are always learning and always seeking to improve the ways we build community and address and repair harm. Learn more at Yoga Equity Project at Otter Creek Yoga in Middlebury, VT