Who We Are

Community Resilience Organizations is made up of many faces, strategies, and visions that are connected through a nonprofit structure.

Together we express the diversity of a Vermont-based, grassroots climate justice movement.

We are an organizational co-leadership team and independent groups and activists supported by common social infrastructure.

We are teams of anti-oppression and anti-racist organizers.

We are multi-racial, multi-identity, and affinity coalitions working on changing the systems that don’t work and building alternatives.

Our administrative hub and capacity-building infrastructure are designed to support the transformative work of our community members. We recognize that for projects, coalitions, and movement building to include a more diverse set of people, experiences, modalities and missions, access to the non-profit sector as a tool can be a hurdle within itself. We’re motivated to hold this organizational infrastructure to place a focus on the doers, dreamers, and caregivers who are already building the social fabric for our climate future.

Visit the websites of our collaborators that fiscally sponsored by CROs and represent the landscape of boots-on-the-ground climate justice.

Regeneration Corps

Radical Imagination

Conscious Homestead Fund