Grassroots Organizing Hub

Grassroots Leadership & Capacity-Building Hub

This is the crux of our unique organizational model and the framework for how we’re impacting community resilience. As we’ve participated in advocacy, community organizing, and movement-building ourselves, we saw an opportunity to create better conditions for people on the frontlines of climate crisis and climate action so that they can be cared for and generate change informed by their unique positionalities. The Grassroots Leadership & Capacity-Building Hub model supports the needs of groups and individual organizers, while weaving connectivity throughout climate justice spheres.

Fiscal Sponsorship

CROs offers fiscal sponsorship for aligned anti-oppression and climate justice projects, taking some work off of organizers’ plates and giving them access to our nonprofit resources, so that they can focus their attention on creative, imaginative approaches to needs in their communities.

Fiscal sponsorship includes:

  • Administrative support for navigating legal and financial systems

  • Payroll and banking options

  • Access to wellness benefits

  • Access to subscriptions and memberships

  • Low-cost, sliding-scale fees

Learn more about the groups we fiscally sponsor here!

Support for Grassroots Leaders

CROs is building capacity and systems to support individual organizers through a diverse portfolio of compensation mechanisms. Our goal is to be able to help individuals and coalitions sustain themselves while engaging in this work. Rather than hire organizers to work on a single pathway to change through CROs, we want to compensate people who are already leaning into community-based and systemic climate action to continue to seed change in their spheres of influence. CROs currently does this through a pilot of part-time salaried positions similar to “universal basic income,” and we are developing benefits and caregiving structures to adapt to each individual’s situation. We hope to grow into a home and network for organizers and community caregivers to have the resources they need to offer their gifts to the people and places around them.